Gayle Kemp for State House
Gayle Kemp for NC House District 117
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Fighting for you, because of you


This office requires a person who believes:

  • That voters’ voices matter.

  • That extreme gerrymandering and any other voter suppression technique destroys our Democratic values.

  • That local control over local issues is essential.

  • That healthcare should not mean bankruptcy.

  • That Medicaid should be expanded.

  • That corporations who make our water and air toxic should pay to clean it up using their profits.

  • That the revolving door to lobbying for legislators after leaving an office should be ended.

  • That influence peddling is a stain on our system of government.

  • That money, especially dark money, needs to be removed from politics.

Gayle Kemp is that person.


Top Legislative Priorities


The guarantee in the NC Constitution is that this state will have a uniform system of free public schools. It is time to believe in that ideal again and work toward it.



The environment is a pivotal aspect of what makes Western North Carolina so unique. The creation of policies that preserve and foster the health of the ecosystem will be vital to this area. Corporations that harm the environment need to be held accountable.


Our local economy cannot grow if there are not trained employees. Training in areas like green energy and healthcare is important is important and a living wage is paramount.


“We the people” hold the power in this Democracy. The system of partisan and illegal racial gerrymandering must end. 



Health is an issue relevant to everyone. Currently, healthcare is a luxury at a cost many cannot afford. The expansion of medicaid can change this. Making healthcare an affordable option for everyone will not only improve and save lives, as well as bring high-paying healthcare jobs back to North Carolina.



Get Involved.

Gayle is looking for volunteers to help out with the campaign. If you want to support Gayle with more than just your vote, please fill out the form below to get your contact information to us. Additionally, feel free to write any questions or comments you may have. We will be glad to respond to any questions as soon as possible.

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